Cory Richards’s Insta from the Everest!

Cory Richards and Adrain Ballinger snapchatted their journey to the top of the world in their recent expedition of Everest! Mount Everest @8,850 meters is the highest mountain on Earth. The altitude above 8,000 meters is known as the “Death Zone,” because your body literally starts dying in such great height, however, these two adventurers managed to bring back their journey through social media into the world!

Here are some fantastic images from Cory Richards’s Instagram.

I believe there is no such thing as an unsupported climb of #Everest by its normal routes. A climber can choose not to hire Sherpa, but they still utilize the Sherpa and western guide power of other teams. All the "unsupported" climbers I saw on the North Side utilized rope-fixing, trail breaking, rescue infrastructure and tents (sometimes wth permission, sometimes without) placed by Sherpa of other teams. @adrianballinger I choose to acknowledge this support, and by paying for it supporting the Sherpa community with safe and high paying jobs. The Sherpa team we worked with, part of the @alpenglowexpeditions team, worked, played and laughed with us throughout the season. 3 summited, and the 4th, Palden Namgye, turned around at 8500 meters to support Adrian's descent. Thank you Panuru, Mingma, Palden and Pasang! #everestnofilter #everest2016 (original caption by @adrianballinger changed slightly for my feed)

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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Aristotle I posted a similar image to this about two weeks and talked to the points of team work. That was the impersonal view...this one is about partnership. I've spent the past two months with @adrianballinger on the North side of Everest. That time Passed with a blink. His overwhelming and genuine psych, his deep level of respect and understanding of personal nuance and needs, and his true desire to act as a singular partnership are cornerstones of his personality...which has been one of the greatest experiences of partnership I can point to. Yesterday, AB made the incredibly hard decision to turn around before the summit. In some ways, I think he wanted this even more than me. But he knew that to keep going was to endanger himself and others. He also knew that as a partnership, splitting up was the best thing to do. It was a paradoxical decision that at once splinters conventional ideas of partnership, and in that moment, cemented ours forever. I couldn't be more proud of him and the decisions he made with our Doctor, Monica. It's sad to turn around after months of effort. It's my job to know that and respect that. But I'd be remiss if I didn't voice the idea that this was always a team effort and @adrianballinger is the stronger half of that team. EverestNoFilter #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer

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