Total of 456 Climbers Reached Everest in 2016

As the expedition season for 2016 came to an end, 456 climbers successfully climbed the Everest this year. Out of which, 199 were foreigners. While hundreds of climbers tasted the feat, many other returned or were being evacuated before the big summit. Almost 33 climbers summited the Everest every day this season.

Country Climbers Summiters
Nepal 449 258
India 64 52
US 58 39
China 20 18
UK 29 15
Australia 15 11
Others 111 63
TOTAL 746 456

:. Department of Tourism of Nepal

The climbing season brings deaths along with the success too, every year. This year, 5 innocent souls lost their lives trying to summit the Everest. Dr. Mariya Strydom, an Australian, died of AMS while descending from the summit.

Three more climbers die from altitude-related conditions on Everest, while two climbers went missing and are presumed to have died on the mountain. Many more climbers have been evacuated by helicopter for pulmonary edema, frostbite, and other illnesses. ~NatGeo

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