Trekking Peaks in Nepal

Trekking peaks are the smaller peaks in Nepal which were opened for recreational climbing and training. They are called “Trekking Peaks,” because they mostly require trekking with minimal climbing to reach the summit, and are different than premier mountaineering. Small peaks can be climbed with ease and do not require lengthy Expeditions.

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has classified 33 such peaks as the Trekking Peaks; which are are lesser than 7,000 meters in altitude. Currently there are 326 peaks open for climbing in Nepal.

To encourage climbing, NMA has removed the royalty fee from the peaks which are lesser than 5,800 meters in height.

These peaks are divided into two groups. Most of them open for climbing during Spring (March-June) and Autumn (September-November) seasons.

Group A

Peaks Altitude (meters) Location
Cholatse 6,440 Khumbu
Machermo 6,273 Mahalangur
Kyajo Ri 6,186 Mahalangur
Phari Lapcha 6,017 Mahalangur
Langsisa Ri 6,427 Jugal
Ombigaichen 6,340 Mahalangur
Bokta 6,143 Kanchenjunga
Checkigo 6,257 Gaurishankar
Lobuche West 6,145 Khumbu
Larkya Peak 6,010 Manaslu
ABI 6,097 Mahalangur
Yubra Himal 6,035 Langtang
Chhukung Ri 5,550 Khumbu
Yala Peak 5,732 Langtang

Group B

Peaks Altitude (meters) Location
Singu Chuli (Flute Peak) 6,501 Annapurna
Mera Peak 6,654 Khumbu
Kusum Kangru 6,367 Khumbu
Kwangde 6,011 Khumbu
Chulu West 6,200 Manang
Chulu East 6,200 Manang
Imja Tse 6,160 Khumbu
Parchemuche 6,187 Rolwaling
Lobuche 6,119 Khumbu
Ramdung 5,925 Rolwaling
Pisang Peak 6,019 Manang
Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak) 5,663 Annapurna
Khongma Tse (Mehra Peak) 5,849 Khumbu
Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kamga) 5,849 Langtang
Pokhalde 5,806 Khumbu
Mardi Himal 5,587 Annapurna
Paldor Peak 5,896 Langtang

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